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Talking Tasks with Peter Skehan

October 8, 2021

The full interview with Peter Skehan will be available to participants on our TBLT course. The next course begins on October 22nd 2021 - please visit the course page for more information!

Peter Skehan has written extensively on tasks and the relationship between task conditions, task types and learner output. Some of his key publications include:

  • Ellis, R., Skehan, P., Li, S., Shintani, N., and Lambert, C. (2019). Task-based language teaching: Theory and practice. Cambridge University Press
  • Skehan, P. (1998). A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning. Oxford University Press.
  • Skehan, P. (2003). Task-based instruction. Language Teaching, 36, 1–14. (Links to downloadable PDF)
  • Skehan, P., & Foster, P. (2001). Cognition and tasks. In P. Robinson (Ed.), Cognition and Second Language Instruction (1st ed., pp. 183–205). Cambridge University Press.

We also recommend the following volume in honour of Skehan:

  • Wen, Z. and Ahmadian, M., Eds. (2019). Researching L2 Task Performance and Pedagogy: In honour of Peter Skehan. John Benjamins.

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